G.I. Joe 3-Inch Random Figure Series 1 Mini-Figure


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G.I. Joe comes to life with these great mini-figures! This G.I. Joe 3-Inch Random Figure Series 1 Mini-Figure is one in a line that features some wonderfully stylized vinyl mini-figures with the likenesses of your favorite characters from the G.I. Joeseries. Each figure measures 3-inches tall and is blind-box packaged with head and arm articulation for fun posing. Plus, you can mix and match the awesome array of interchangeable weapons, accessories, and facial expressions that the figures come with! This awesome collection even features 3 rare chase figures for you to try and collect. Featured in this collection are Snake Eyes, Destro, Cobra Commander, Zartan, Duke, Gung-Ho, Snow Job, and more!

You will receive one (1) blind-boxed mini-figure. Please note that as these are blind-packaged, we cannot take requests on specific characters, nor can we accept returns on opened packaging. You may receive duplicates.

Price of listing is for ONE boxed figure

Weight 500 g