King Kong: Jack & Denham’s Ravine Struggle Statue


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Weta Collectibles is proud to present a new range of collectible polystone sculptures celebrating the release of Peter Jackson’s epic retelling of the 1930’s classic King Kong. These collectibles are hand sculpted at Weta Workshop by the same team of artists who designed the creatures for the film.

The leader of the rescue mission, Jack Driscoll is the scriptwriter tricked by fanatical filmaker Carl Denham to help him produce his movie. Initially one of Ann’s biggest critics, over the course of the voyage Driscoll begins to feel an affection for her and strives to protect her from the journey’s inherent dangers.

Jack Driscoll and Carl Denham struggle for their lives when they fall into bottom of a slime-filled ravine, whilst in pursuit of Ann. Emerging from the murk all around them, creatures of hellish description attack, forcing them to do whatever they can to protect themselves.

The Jack & Denham’s Ravine Struggle Statue stands approximately 13.5-inches tall (343mm) x 12-inches wide (305mm) x 12-inches long (305mm)