ROBOSEN Transformers: Elite Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot


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The Transformers Optimus Prime Elite Edition auto-converting robot is everything you’ve always loved about Transformers updated for the next generation of authentic collectible robots. Engineered after the original G1 series Optimus Prime Transformer from the 1980s, but built with an added layer of software and technology that seem to give this robot a soul, this premium collectible figure really does do it all—including transforming at the touch of a button or sound of your voice.

Created and engineered by our robotics experts in collaboration with Hasbro, the robot stands at an impressive 16 inches tall and is painstakingly crafted from over 5,000 components. Equipped with 125 sound effects and voiced by the original actor, Peter Cullen, this is an authentic reproduction of the classic Generation 1 character redefined for fans from every generation.


  • 27 High-Precision Servo Motors
  • 150+ Original sounds and Actions
  • Programable with 4 operating modes
  • Voice Activated Interactions
  • Auto Converting
  • App Interaction
  • Licenced by Hasbro
  • 1 Year Warranty


Weight 2001 g


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